Trends of Winter Industrial Training in Jaipur


Trends of Winter Industrial Training in Jaipur

Winter industrial training

With this blog, we try to answer some of the most genuine questions students often want to ask but are afraid to do so or never get the right platform to clear their doubts.

What is an industrial training?
Benefits of industrial training in Jaipur
Which trends are shaping the industrial training in the pink city?

While we cover answer to the above-mentioned questions; should you have any query regarding the doubts cleared, or if you still seek answer to any questions not mentioned in the blog, please feel free to leave your comment. Thank you! We tried to make it a good read for all the students looking for industrial winter training in Jaipur, India in 2018.


If you are following our blog, you would have already read a detailed, step-by-step account to this. The basic intro, covered, is this –

Industrial training in Jaipur 2018 prepares today’s students for tomorrow’s challenging corporate career. Unlike traditional classroom teaching sessions, where face-to-face live interactions are majorly influenced by theoretical book-based knowledge; industrial training seeks to impart truly practical knowledge and it is accomplished by introducing live seminars, demonstrations, project-based work etc. to name a few. Read more on this here


The most practical benefit is that students get an opportunity to preview and experience the corporate work ecosystem. They prepare themselves with the evolving on-job challenges and thereby make them better fit to face a campus interview and accordingly win a job.


The entire training industry is going through some strategic changes. With the availability of new-age technologies and cheap data tariff, online training is gradually becoming the new norm. We are covering only a few of the trends that are revolutionizing the industrial training.

Practical, on-site training

Industrial training naturally has corporate job connotations. So, a training institute that offers an industrial training should equip students with necessary skillet so that  the students can easily secure a job post training. One of the growing trends that is evident off late is more inclination of such institute’s towards getting the students directly into a real-life corporate setting and let them work on challenging, mentor-backed projects. This phenomenon is certainly not new; but it has picked more on demand recently. Job site training makes students more confident to face and crack interview.

Involvement of meaningful projects

One of the core additions of Linux World’s previous training was to make students directly involve in real-life live cloud based projects and let them develop their own cloud – so as to make them better understand the evolving technological landscape, face the challenges and get over them. This has significantly contributed to their existing knowledge.

Emphasis on people skill

Becoming technologically confident is a great thing, but only until you can easily communicate effectively. One of the top trends among training institutes is to incorporate soft skills training programs. Making students confident in communication is at the helm of everything. This is required in order to tackle the negotiations, collaboration challenges on the job.

Inclusion of latest technologies

In order to make a training effective, it needs to be relevant. The trend of adding relevant and new age technologies is not new but there’s a growing emphasis to add futuristic and trending technologies these days than ever before. This turns old technologies and tools outdated and makes one prepare for the technology of tomorrow.

These are certain trends that are shaping the winter industrial training in Jaipur in 2018.

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