How to crack a job interview? The Interview Crackers Series!


How to crack a job interview? The Interview Crackers Series!

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At the end of the day, it all boils down to two things – Your confidence and knowledge. No notes and guidance, even the one you are doing now, can help you secure a job unless you have total confidence in you. Having said that, overconfidence might defeat the entire purpose of sitting on the interview. Read more!

Read the job description carefully

It is very important that you know the description of the job. If they need someone proficient in communication background, your IT and networking expertise might not fit their defined role. Analyzing your personal strength, job-demanded knowledge and weaknesses help you confidently face the panel.

Learn about the employer

Before appearing for the interview, it is extremely important that you learn more about the employer. The better you are aware of the employer, more you can align with the role and answer the questions.

Arrive early at the venue

Arriving at the last minute makes you look undisciplined. Try to reach the interview venue as early as you can. This helps you settle down and relax and you have ample time mingling with the environment.

Dress formally, come properly groomed!

Do not use strong perfume or deodorant. Properly brush your teeth, comb hair, shave and dress well. It is advised to not wear bright coloured attires. Be smart and simple, and look confident without over stressing on yourself.


In order to impress the panel of interviewers, you should listen to the questions. Take a moment thinking about the answer and then answer it. If you have not understood what’s been asked, do not feel shy to request the interviewer to repeat the question

That’s it for today! This is the first article of the interview cracker Series. Please watch our blog space for more on it!

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