How to Choose a Winter Industrial Internship for B. Tech Computer Science students


How to Choose a Winter Industrial Internship for B. Tech Computer Science students

How are you going to spend this winter? For B.Tech Computer Science students, I think spending the time seeing flicks or driving to a getaway is certainly not a good choice. This time is, in fact, a thin line that stands on the way between your first job and your student life. I personally believe every student should treat this period very seriously and use it to its fullest by learning something new. Not necessarily just anything, but something that add value to their CAREER objectives.

That is why I recommend students to attend programs on specialized courses such as dedicated winter training. Today, there is no shortage of choices for a good training institute. But I would always recommend you to join not just a good, but a better training institute that can boost your prospects. After all; your core aim should be to enhance your career prospects rather than simply learn things and forget.

How to choose a winter industrial internship in 2018

Project-oriented training

Theoretical knowledge no longer decides your prospects at the job. You need book-based gyaan, but in this fast-paced environment, you need to agile in the learning approach. For B.Tech Computer Science students, it is the time to learn as much as possible about machine learning, big data, analytics, cloud etc. A training program that adapts to this change, and therefore involves students directly on real-life, project-based training programs is what you should choose. Before joining, ask as much question you have, and one of the question – in fact, I suggest the first question should be – Does your training support working on project?


Trainings generally do not intend to fail, but mentors make or break their objectives. Without a good mentor, who is super eager to impart the best of his learning to students, you can’t expect a training to be a better training. That’s why trust a mentor who is experienced, who has a successful track record of practically working in the industry, and who is helpful. A mentor to whom you can ask your doubts and in reply get helpful, genuine advice is a respectful mentor.

People skill

You are a good techie. That is good. You can’t express your ideas well. You need to work on it! Communication skills are always important from the day one of your job, in fact, it is important from the very time you face an interview. In order to crack a job, join the league of intelligent folks, and then lead a team, and succeed thereafter, you will always be required to express your ideas better. Join a Winter industrial training in India in 2018 that makes you sound in technology, but also prepares you to confidently face an interview and improve your communication skills.

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